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The Law of Life and Death

The Law of Life and Death 0674051041

Book Detail
Edition: 1
Release: 2011-04-01
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN/ASIN: 0674051041
Format: hardcover, kindle, PDF, EPUB

The Law of Life and Death pdf

Are you alive? What makes you so sure? Most people believe this question has a clear answer—that some law defines our status as living (or not) for all purposes. But they are dead wrong. In this pioneering study, Elizabeth Price Foley examines the many, and surprisingly ambiguous, legal definitions of what counts as human life and death.Foley reveals that “not being dead” is not necessarily the same as being alive, in the eyes of the law. People, pre-viable fetuses, and post-viable fetuses have different sets of legal rights, which explains the law's seemingly inconsistent approach to stem cell research, in vitro fertilization, frozen embryos, in utero embryos, contraception, abortion, homicide, and wrongful death.In a detailed analysis that is sure to be controversial, Foley shows how the need for more organ transplants and the need to conserve health care resources are exerting steady pressure to expand the legal definition of death. As a result, death is being declared faster Download The Law of Life and Death for free via rapidshare, mediafire, 4shared, dropBox, uploading, fileserve

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