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Sounding the Alarm: Remote Area Nurses and Aboriginals at Risk (Contemporary Issues) Reviews

Sounding the Alarm 1920694366

Book Detail
Release: 2005-03-29
Publisher: UWA Publishing
Binding: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN: 1920694366
Format: hardcover, kindle, PDF, EPUB

Sounding the Alarm pdf

What is it really like to nurse and to be nursed in a remote Aboriginal community? In this eagerly awaited book, Jennifer Cramer brings together years of nursing experience and meticulous research expertise to give an insightful and disturbing expose of the dilemmas and deficiencies in the actual delivery of health services to Aboriginal people in Warburton in the central desert of Western Australia. For too long, the potentially harmful effects of inadequate and unsafe nursing practices on Aboriginal clients have been ignored. The findings of this year-long study raise serious questions that have implications not only for nursing but also for other health professions and government authorities. In a frightening description of aberrant norms of practice, this book reveals the inadequacies of recruitment for nurses and their lack of relevant preparation for the often complex health problems occurring among the Aboriginal people. Download Sounding the Alarm for free via rapidshare, mediafire, 4shared, dropBox, uploading, fileserve

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