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The Health of Nations: Towards a New Political Economy Pdf

The Health of Nations 1780320590

Book Detail
Edition: 1
Release: 2012-04-15
Publisher: Zed Books
Binding: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN: 1780320590
Format: hardcover, kindle, PDF, EPUB

The Health of Nations pdf

Why, despite vast resources being expended on health and health care, is there still so much ill health? Why do massive inequalities in health remain?

The Health of Nations analyzes how power is exercised both in health care systems and in society more generally. It reveals how too many vested interests hinder efficient and equitable policies, while too little is done to address the social determinants of health. Instead, Mooney argues, more health services and health policy should be returned to the communities they serve.

With a broad range of international case studies - from the UK to the US, South Africa to Cuba - this provocative book makes a compelling case for the need to re-evaluate how we approach health care globally. Download The Health of Nations for free via rapidshare, mediafire, 4shared, dropBox, uploading, fileserve

Download The Health of Nations: Towards a New Political Economy pdf

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